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Tuition and Financial Aid

Our mission is to provide an affordable, exceptional education to all students who desire it. Without compromising quality, Saint Christopher Academy maintains the lowest tuition of most Catholic and private schools in the area!




Tuition for the 2020-21 school year is as follows:


    • Half Day PreKindergarten -- $4,600.00
    • Full Day PreKindergarten -- $5,850.00
    • Full Day Kindergarten -- $5,850.00
    • Grades 1 to 6 -- $5,575.00
    • Grades 7 & 8 -- $6,975
    • Grades 1 to 6 with Parish Support -- $4,575.00
    • Grades 7 & 8 with Parish Support -- $5,975.00


Saint Christopher Academy does not impose any fundraising requirements or fees on its families. We also do not charge technology, textbook, or material fees.


Please note: Tuition alone does not cover the full cost of educating each student. Every year, ALL students automatically receive financial assistance in the form of a tuition discount. Saint Christopher Academy's tuition rate is as much as $1,800 less than the actual cost of educating each student. 


Tuition Payments

There are three methods of payment. Tuition may be paid all at once, in two equal payments (one in July and one in December), or through a monthly payment plan. All payments are processed online through FACTS, an outside company which manages our financial aid awards and tuition payments. There may be an additional fee for using FACTS. More information may be found HERE.


Parish Support Program

Families who are active participants in a Catholic parish are able to obtain a waiver from that parish which reduces the cost of tuition. In 2020-2021, families in the Parish Support program will receive a tuition discount of $1,000 per child. Approval for the Parish Support program is obtained through a family's parish in January/February, so those interested in the program should contact their parish office well before then to explore parish requirements. Further information on the program is available from the school office.



Financial Aid

All families with a financial need are encouraged to apply for Financial Aid. The Financial Aid application process begins in January for the following school year. To apply, parents must do the following in this order:


  • Apply to the Children's Scholarship Fund HERE if eligible. (The eligibility rules are listed on the Children's Scholarship Fund website) The Children's Scholarship Fund is a source of financial assistance for families in need in NH. Awards are made on a first come, first served basis, so parents are encouraged to apply early.
  •  Apply to Saint Christopher Academy Financial Aid through FACTS by clicking HERE. Financial aid award amount is determined through FACTS. Please be aware that the financial aid award will take into account any award from the Children's Scholarship Fund when awarding aid to families.