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Where traditional education meets innovative technology!


Saint Christopher Academy is proud of its premier technological program designed to bring our school to the forefront of the convergence of technology and elementary education. By combining interactive whiteboards, associated peripherals, and educational software with extensive teacher training, Saint Chris enhances its traditional learning curriculum through the integration of technology in the classroom.


Through the generosity of alumni and parent donors, each classroom, as well as the computer labs, are outfitted with:

  • 96” interactive whiteboards
  • state-of-the-art video projectors
  • interactive document cameras/webcams
  • independent wide angle webcams for remote instruction
  • desktop PCs
  • wireless network system
  • advanced software for lesson development

Teachers have undergone extensive training on this technology, exploring exciting ways to augment their already excellent curriculum.


Principal Cindy Clarke explains, “This exciting technology is a wonderful way for us to supplement the academic preparation of our students. Research shows that interactive technology reaches all students, no matter what their learning style. Tactile learners learn by touching and working at the board, audio learners benefit from the class discussion of items on the board, and visual learners can easily understand what is happening on the screen.”


iPads and Chromebooks:

Through the generous donation of 1958 alumnus Bob Dunbar, as well as Auction donors, Saint Christopher Academy maintains 60 iPads at the lower campus for classroom use. In addition, each campus has several carts of chromebooks for classroom use.



The lower campus library is equipped with four computers used to access our extensive collection of over 8,000 titles through an online book catalog, Follett Destiny Resource Management System. Students (and faculty) can search for books, check availability, browse the shelf lists, access student generated book reviews, and check the “Top Ten List” to see what their peers are reading!  Our online book catalog is accessible 24/7 from any device, so students can find books while at home as well.  Students are also permitted to use the library computers for educational apps.  


Computer Labs:

The Computer Lab at the lower campus is outfitted with iMac desktop computers, as well as scanners, paper printers, a green screen for video production, and a 3D printer. Students in grades 1 to 6 receive computer instruction weekly in areas such as keyboarding skills, internet research, graphic design, coding, data analysis, website creation, video presentation, and more. After the Christmas break, kindergarten students begin attending computer class on a monthly basis as well. 


The Computer Lab at the upper campus is outfitted with desktop PCs, Chromebooks, and similar equipment, and also includes a 3D printer.  Moving from the lower campus to the upper campus, students become proficient at using different types of devices.  In addition to increasing their skills in the areas listed above, students also learn the Google suite of products, coding languages, and robotics programming, among other tools. Eighth graders explore more in depth engineering, robotics and coding through hand-on activities and project-based learning.