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The study of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) is an integral part of a Saint Christopher Academy education.  Not limited to science or math instruction, exploration of STEM concepts across the curriculum helps students be curious, ask questions, think critically, and look for innovative solutions to problems.  Investments in equipment such as our school weather station, iPads, Chromebooks, digital microscopes, 3D printers, and a lifesize skeleton reinforce scientific and technological inquiry in all grades. 


The lower campus also offers an Accelerated Math program designed for students with exceptional math abilities. This fast paced pre-algebra and algebra based program aims to establish self-motivated mathematical thinkers and prepare students for more advanced courses at the upper campus and beyond. Once at the upper campus, students with demonstrated readiness have the opportunity to take upper level math such as algebra and geometry. 


In addition, extracurricular activities such as programming classes, 3D Printing Club, FIRST Lego League, You Be the Chemist, Math Olympiad, and the Science Club encourage students to delve into STEM-related areas outside of the classroom.  An annual STEM Day at both campuses brings speakers to the school for an exciting day of STEM education and fun!  In the evening, both campuses hold a STEM Night showcasing student STEM work.