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Standardized Testing


Each year, students in the second through eighth grade take national standardized NWEA tests along with all other schools in the Diocese of Manchester. The NWEA test is taken three times per year on an iPad or Chromebook. We use these results to help us evaluate, plan, and establish educational priorities. In addition, we are able to build a learning profile for each of our students and adjust individual learning plans as needed.


At Saint Christopher Academy, we nurture the whole child by providing a strong educational, spiritual, and physical foundation. Standardized tests give us an indication of how much academic learning each student has achieved at one moment in time. Please note that standardized tests, however, are only one method used in our classrooms to assess student performance. Each child’s academic performance must be viewed as a process, with many varied opportunities for assessment throughout the year and a child’s academic career.


Our NWEA test results indicate that we have many high-achieving students in our school. Additionally, our school’s performance compares most favorably to students across the nation who take the test. Our students consistently perform higher than the national standard. We are especially proud of those students who have improved their test scores over prior testing. We believe that Saint Christopher Academy’s performance is a testimony to the advantages of a Catholic school education, the efforts of our outstanding teachers, the support of our caring parents, and the hard work of our wonderful students.