Pursue the Partnership

The Diocese of Manchester Catholic Schools Office recently debuted its summer marketing program, “Pursue the Partnership.” Consisting of two important parts, the program seeks to reinforce the partnership between our Catholic schools and parents who make the important choice to enroll their children. 
  • The Diocese has developed a Statement on Parental Partnership outlining the purposeful way our Catholic schools recognize parents as the primary educators of their children and how our Catholic schools work together with parents for student success. At Saint Chris, our parent partnerships are one of the foundational tenets of our educational philosophy. We believe that a student learns best when supported both at home and at school by parents and teachers working together in the student’s best interest and we encourage open communication between all. As a Catholic school, we also inherently value our parents’ full support of our Catholic foundation and how that translates into our identity and programs as Saint Christopher Academy. Together, we shape students who are kind, moral individuals who live in service to the people and world around them.
To read the Statement of Parental Partnership, please click HERE.
  • The Diocese is also introducing a limited time parent referral incentive, called Family 2 Family, which will provide $500 tuition credit to both referring and referred families! Between July 1 and September 1, 2022, any family enrolled in a Diocesan Catholic school that refers a new family to any of Diocesan Catholic schools (including Saint Christopher Academy) is eligible for the incentive. Our current families are always our best spokespeople..and we are pleased that they can be rewarded for their efforts through this program!
For more information about program scope and requirements, please visit the Family 2 Family program website HERE.