October 14, 2020

Thank You! Thank you to Carol Fiore for coordinating with LIfetouch for our school portrait day today at both campuses and to Sue Coker and Melissa Michels for keeping the lines moving! 

THIS WEEK! Early Release  -- Don’t forget that this Friday, October 16, is an early release day! Both campuses will be released at 12:00 PM (PreK and Kdg will release at 11:45 AM). No lunch will be served at either campus and there will be no After Care.

ENDS TOMORROW! Hot Lunch Ordering -- Please be sure to place your order by midnight TOMORROW, October 15. We can not accept any late orders!


NEW! Parent Alert System  As we do every year, we will be doing a test run of our Parent Alert system for both campuses on Friday, October 23 sometime after 10:00 AM. We use Parent Alert for sending out mass communications, including robocalls, text messages and emails, to notify you of weather-related school closings, as well as any emergency information we might need to get to parents in a timely manner. To ensure you are able to receive our text alerts, please text the keyword “START” to 22-383 from your mobile device. Any text alerts from our school will begin with “SCA Alert” and calls will show from “603-882-7442”.

On the 23rd, we will send out a test message to all parents using all forms of communication. Therefore, you should expect to receive several versions of this test message, both through your phone and email. If you do NOT receive the messages, please contact Marta at mnissen@saintchrisacademy.org.

Note: Per Telephone Consumer Protection Act we have to provide all recipients the option to Opt Out of receiving our alerts. Anytime we send out a text alert you will see “Stop to End”. If you reply “Stop” you will no longer receive our text alerts regardless if we select you as a recipient.”

NEW! Family Portal App Discontinued  8th grade parents who used the Renweb Family Portal app last year may have noticed that the app is no longer available. We have been informed by Renweb that they are no longer supporting the app and may be discontinuing it, so we made the decision to not renew our subscription. Instead, parents are asked to sign in to their Family Portal by clicking HERE and logging in with their old portal app credentials. This can be done on any computer, tablet or smartphone using a standard browser. All information that previously appeared in the app will be available as before.


NEW! COVID-19 FAQ’s  We’ve received some new questions regarding our COVID-19 policies and procedures, and we wanted to pass them...and the answers....along!


We are planning a trip outside of NH for Thanksgiving/Christmas and/or February vacation. Can my child return to school on the first day after the school vacation?

Students who travel outside of New England cannot return to school for 14 days after they return from their trip. For instance, if you return from Ohio the day after Christmas, December 26, your student may return to school 14 days later on  Monday, January 11. Students who on a precautionary quarantine for travel may log in to remote learning with prior arrangements through Mrs. Clarke and your child’s teacher.


Is it okay that my child wears his favorite mask every single day?

Sure it is….as long as it’s been cleaned before they put it on! Students are very rough on their masks during the school day, from recess, to lunch, to gym class. Trust us, they get dirty! To keep our students safe from both COVID-19 and other inhaled germs, we request that students wear a clean mask every day. Many parents are also sending a second clean mask to school each day in a sealed plastic bag in case the first one gets soiled.


My student wasn’t feeling well and went home from school yesterday with a sore throat/runny nose/headache/etc. She feels much better today. Can she come back to school?

No. In order to keep all of our students and staff safe, we require that any student who is sent home with any COVID symptom can not return to school unless he or she has a doctor’s note confirming that the child does not have COVID OR he or she has been in quarantine for 14 days. These policies follow the New Hampshire Department of Health guidelines and are particularly important in light of recent increases in community transmission of COVID in New Hampshire.


My student forgot his textbook at school and needs it to do tonight's assignments. Since he has a school email, can he email the teacher tonight and ask her to email photos/pdf’s of the pages in the book?

Our teachers are putting in an extraordinary amount of time in preparing both in-class and remote learning lessons and experiences for our students. While teachers would like to be available to students 24 hours a day, it just isn’t fair to them….teachers need their downtime, too, in order to rest and recharge for the next school day! Therefore, we request that students do not contact teachers in the evening. Parents may certainly reach out to teachers in the evening, but we ask that they give teachers 24 hours to respond.


NEW! Lifetouch Retake Day - Did your child miss today’s portrait day? Was your child not feeling smiley today?  No worries! We have scheduled our Lifetouch Retake Day for Wednesday, November 18! More details to come closer to the 18th!


Halloween Free Dress Friday, October 30 will be a booooo-tiful day on both campuses as our kids dress in their favorite orange, black, and white Free Dress outfits! Please keep our Free Dress rules in mind when picking out an outfit:

  • No tanks tops (boys and girls), spaghetti straps, tube tops or halter tops, sheer tops;
  • No t-shirts/shirts/shorts or articles of clothing that display rock groups, violence, or inappropriate sayings;
  • No large baggy pants or bike shorts;
  • No shorts, skirts, skorts that are more than 2 inches above the knee;
  • Leggings and yoga pants may be worn, but only if a shirt is worn over top that covers the student’s bottom.

Applications Open for New Students in 2021-2022 -  Registrations are now OPEN for NEW students for next year, from PreK 3 through grade 8. If you have a younger child who you would like to join us next year, please visit the front page of the school website at SaintChrisAcademy.org and click the Apply Now button to get started! Please also pass the word to any new families who would like to join our school community in 2021-2022!


Updated! Attendance Email -- Don’t forget that if your child will be absent for the day, you must email the lower campus at attendance.lower@saintchrisacademy.org or the upper campus at attendance.upper@saintchrisacademy.org. (Please note: this is a different email address from last year at the lower campus. If you send it to the old email address, we will not receive it!.) Please include the reason for your child’s absence. You will receive a call from one of the school nurses to confirm your child’s absence.


NEW! Yeaerbook Pre-order Email - Some parents may have received an email a week or two ago from Lifetouch regarding pre-ordering school yearbooks. Please disregard! This email was sent by mistake by Lifetouch during a system test. Oops!


Covideo Survey - If you haven't yet had the opportunity to complete the survey on Evangeline's Covideo series, please click HERE to do so! Evangeline is preparing materials for her Girl Scout Gold Award and the survey results are an important part. Thank you!


Happy Hearts Day Care - Happy Hearts Day Care, located at 12 Cushing Ave, will have two openings, starting October 1, for before and after care. The hours are 6:30 to 8:30 AM and 3:00 to 5:30 PM. We accommodate on snow days, two hour delays, early release, no school days (except for the major holidays) and even if there is a power outage :) We also provide care on the Christmas, February and April vacation weeks. If interested, please call...880-6575.


NEW! Nashua World Cup Soccer -- Nashua World Cup is looking to enter a few teams into the Litchfield Youth Soccer League  Halloween Jamboree on November 1st and is in need of players! Registration is open to all children; they do not have to be World Cup players and it's fine if they have played for another club in the fall.  This is open to boys and girls born between 2012-2014.  We are especially looking to build our 2012 and 2013 girls players.  We would love to have a girl's team or two at the U8/U9 level for the spring season.  Teams are encouraged to come dressed in creative costumes and there is a costume contest for each division. Parent coaches are also needed. Registration is $45 and includes two practices, Monday, Oct. 26, and Thursday, Oct. 29 at Mines Falls Park (times TBD), a Halloween costume shirt which will be their jersey for the tourney, and tournament registration. For more information, email ackerman.nick@gmail.com or psig3@hotmail.com.


NEW! Rise Dance Studio Trunk or Treat  -- Rise Dance Studio would like to invite students to a Trunk or Treat event on October 31. Please click HERE for more information about the event and Rise Dance Studio.