October 2020 Calendar Raffle Winners!

Congratulations to our daily winners!
1.   Melissa Michels, sold by Christian Michels
2.   Timothy and Stacey Woods, sold by Chloe Woods
3.   Annette McKinnon, sold by Emelia McKinnon
4.   Izzie Gilbert, sold by Izzie Gilbert
5.   Dana Ricker, sold by Leighton Ricker
6.   Nicky Frost, sold by Jeremiah Henry
7.   Khyati Patel, sold by Tanisha Patel
8.   Stacie Hall O'Connor, sold by Brielle Cora
9.   Kathy Nerney, sold by Sophia-Rose Boyd
10. Patricia Fitzgerald, sold by Caleb Paquin
11. Brian Tyrrell, sold by Ciara Tyrrell
12. Heather Spinney, sold by Logan Spinney
13. Liz Cyran, sold by Zach Cyran
14. Scott Johnston, sold by Lillie Davison
15. Maplewood Pizza, sold by Natalya Ewida
16. Denise LaProde, sold by Quinton Pray
17. Denise LaProde, sold by Quinton Pray (Yes! Two days in a row! What are the chances of that?!)
18. Maryann Francis, sold by Sadie Torosian
19. Jess and Rob Irwin, sold by Amelia Irwin
20. Dawn Sanderson, sold by Elliott Brown
21. Matt Beaulieu, sold by Zoe McQuaid
22. Mary Jo Christian, sold by Lola Christian
23. Monica Miller, sold by Mia Pearson
24. Jason Munro, sold by Nora Healey
25. Ardian and Elona Cook, sold by Ardian Cook
26. Kim Gullage, sold by Oliva McKinnon
27. Josh Pepin, sold by Karina Santana
28. Sarah Carr, sold by Gabe Tifone-Gravel
29. Bailey Donohue, sold by Danielle Donohue
30. Jen Scott, sold by Jeremiah Henry
31. James Fleming, sold by Sophia Fleming
And congratulations to the Cleef/Witteveen-Hamm family for winning the Tuition Raffle!
And that's a wrap! Thank you to all of our Saint Chris community for the astounding support of our Fall Calendar Raffle! Saint Chris rocks!