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May 2020

Hello 3M Families! It is SO nice to have some time to update my page in order to keep you in the loop with everything school related! In all of the craziness that was April, I found that I did not have the time to update my page, which I'm sorry about! Moving forward, this page is something that I enjoy doing for my parents and family members to know what their child is learning at all times :) 
In Math, we will be starting Chapter 9, which is based on Geometry skills! Students will be working on identifying lines, line segments, rays, and parallel lines. They will also be working on identifying, describing, and classifying angles, planes, and solid figures. By the end of the chapter, we will be working with finding the perimeter and area of a plane figure, the volume of a solid figure, and identifying congruent and similar figures. This chapter should be completed by May 21st. We will have a Chapter 9 test on Friday May 22nd (there will be No Zoom Math Lessons this day!). Going forward, students will be starting Chapter 10, which will be focused on working with multiplying by one digit. Students will be using basic facts and patterns of zero to multiply, using multiplication models, estimating products, multiplying 2- and 2-digit numbers with and without regrouping and solving problems by working backwards. Please keep working on your fast facts! This is an essential skill going into 4th grade! Also, please encourage your children to please continue to attend Zoom Math Lessons on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. These lessons help your child to progress forward in the lessons with their peers and view the subject matter in real time! 
In Grammar, we will be taking part in a review week the week of May 11th. The weeks going forward, we will be talking about and working with Capital Letter concepts and Abbreviations. Seeings we are working online, I will be teaching Grammar on Tuesdays via Zoom at 2:00 (Language Arts time). Please encourage your child to attend these lessons! They are beneficial :) I will also be incorporating explanation videos and supplemental material in order to help your child gain better understanding of subject matter! 
In Spelling, we will be taking part in a review week the week of May 11th. Moving forward, we will be working with Vowel Sound Patters and the Spelling of Schwa! 
In Reading, we will be taking part in a review week the week of May 11th. Moving forward, we will be working with Narrative Nonfiction Texts and we will also be reading Realistic Fiction pieces. We go over the concepts for the week on Tuesdays at 2:00PM via Zoom. On Mondays and Friday, each child is to complete a reading passage on this site allows me to track their comprehension. It is beneficial to your student that they attend Tuesday afternoon lessons and complete their reading assignments in order to continue to make progress throughout the year and moving into 4th grade! :) 
In Writing, I have been giving students a writing prompt on Tuesdays (due on Fridays) and on Fridays (Due the following Tuesday). I have been doing this twice a week in order to allow them to continue to work through the writing process of pre-writing, writing, revising, editing and publishing their work to me. The prompts are always different and if students cannot connect to the prompt, they know that they can message me via Google Classroom and I will gladly give them something else to work with! 
In Social Studies, we will be beginning Unit 5 the week of May 11th. Moving forward in the weeks to come, students will be learning about earning and spending money, the history of money, and decision making and business owners (in terms of money and spending). Towards the end of May and moving into June, students will be talking about the use of Factories in communities, the resources that they use or take up, and they will be learning more about Henry Ford. 
There is No School on Monday May 25th in observance of Memorial Day! 
Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns! 
We will get through this!
Miss. Marchand