Message from your school nurse

To the students of St. Chris:
I hope you are staying home, being safe and healthy. I think about you everyday and miss you all so much.
I'm sure you are aware of your parents, St. Chris School, and the entire country all working very hard together to slow the virus down, which is keeping us home.
Please remember it is very important to continue what you have been doing at school while you're home.
#1 Handwashing with soap and water is the best, for at least 20 seconds. Wash between your fingers, nails, palms, and back of your hands. Use a clean towel to dry. Wash your hands when...
  • They are dirty
  • Before you eat/touch food
  • After using the bathroom
  • After blowing your nose
  • After you have been with someone who is sick
#2 Always cough into your elbow.
#3 Try to keep your hands away from your eyes, nose, and mouth.
Also, the month of March is "National Nutrition Month."
Our bodies need food for fuel. We need this fuel to think, play, and move.
When we fill up with healthy food, our energy levels soar and our brains are ready to work!
Healthy food options: fruits, veggies, whole grains
The healthiest drinks are water and low fat milk.
Stay away from drinks containing sugar.
Up to date information on coronavirus:
*If there is any medication left in the nurse's office (i.e. Epi-pen) and you would like to pick it up at school, please e-mail me at: 
Gloria Sheehan