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MARCH 2020
Hymn(s) of the Month: The two hymns we're working on are in the St. Michael Hymnal and will mostly focus on the Feast of St. Joseph (March 19). "O Blessed Saint Joseph" #646 & "For All the Saints" #523
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Improve your Improv: Grades 1-6 have started to learn different types of improvisational games. Improv promotes peer-to-peer problem solving, quick thinking, creativity and overcoming fears of public speaking.     I use improv as a reward when students either finish the planned activity in class early or students have exceeded my expectations with behavior. 



Image result for quarter half and whole notesPre-K: Students will start to learn quarter, half and whole notes this month. They've done so well with Beets and Cherries, now they'll learn how what they look like!
Kindergarten: "Rockin' Rhythm Reading!" Students will identify other symbols and marking in music like repeat signs and measures. Students will dance to HOP 'TIL YOU DROP LITTLE STOMPERS: I Got the Beat. 
1st Grade: Read & Sing: The Fox. Students will reinforce and learn the following vocabulary: melody harmony, bridge, solfedge, fermata. “The Fox,” (also known as “The Fox and the Goose”) is one of the oldest surviving English folksongs. A copy of the text in Middle English dates back to the 15th century.
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2nd Grade: Students will watch THE MUSIC SHOW 2.0: Give Me Five (The Pentatonic Scale). They'll listen the PENTATONIX and learn about different voice parts!
BAG3rd & 4th Grade will continue to learn the recorder per class pace. Classes have been accessed. I've altered my teaching style a little bit to have the students better understand the difference between B, A & G. They seemed to respond well to my "Staircase" Method. These are the three notes that both 3rd and 4th grade should know. The goal is for 4th grade to learn C by the end of the month. 
5th & 6th Grade will continue to work on the ukuleles this month. Both classes have learned G7, which is a three finger chord and is pretty hard for smaller hands. Once they learn this chord a BUNCH of songs open up for them to play: 
C, Am, F, G7 (I, vi, IV, V7)
Don't Stop Believing- JourneyImage result for ukulele clip art
All My Loving- The Beatles
My Girl (Chorus)- The Temptations 
C, G7, Am, F (I, V7, vi, IV)
Let It Be- The Beatles (1 5 6 4, 1 5 4 4)
I'm Yours -Jason Mraz 
Hey Soul Sister- Train
Fight Song- Rachel Platten 
Someone Like You (Chorus)- Adele 
C, F, C, G7 (I, IV, 1, V7)
Brown eyed girl- Van Morrison
The Lion Sleeps Tonight- Elton John (The Lion King)