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Welcome to 1A

 My name is Mary Beth Allen.  I am originally from New Jersey.  I have been teaching for over 20 years.  I have taught Kindergarten, Pre-K, Second Grade and now First Grade!  I live with my husband in Merrimack, with our 4 cats, Sam, Asia, Sasha, and Coco. I have a son Troy who lives in NJ and works at Antonio's Hair Salon, his wife Theresa is a Second Grade teacher, and I have a beautiful FIRST grand child Giovanni. I love the New York Yankees too!
Thank you for choosing St. Christopher School to educate your child both academically and spiritually.  This is my 11th year at this school and I just love working here. The faculty and staff are truly amazing.  We are all a team working at making our school the best place to learn and work.  


End of the Year

 Our June remote learning is almost complete.  It has been a learning experience for parents, students and teachers alike. My students have gained independence, and have grown academically.  
We will be continuing our remote learning through June 11th.  But we will be having many fun activities such as, show and tell, Teddy Bear Picnic, Reader of the Day, and a Scavenger Hunt. 
I wish all of my students and families a wonderful summer .  God loves to hear from you, so pray and read every day. 
Love, Mrs. Allen

March News

St. Patrick's Breastplate
Christ be with me, Christ within me
Christ behind me, Christ before me
Christ beside me, Christ to win me
Christ to comfort me and restore me
Christ beneath me, Christ above me
Christ in quiet, Christ in danger
Christ in hearts of all that love me
Christ in mouth of friend or stranger.
As we begin the Lenten Season our class will be focused on the meaning of Lent.  We will be attending the Stations of the Cross every Friday, reading about Lent, and talking about and doing things to bring us closer to God.
Religion- We will be learning about the structure of the Catholic Church, the parish community and its activities.  That we celebrate God's love in the sacraments, the Sacrament of Baptism will be our focus.
Math- Our focus will be adding and subtracting basic facts, fact families, adding 3 addends with sums to 18, using addition and subtraction to find the missing part of a number sentence, and finally I will introduce money and time.
Phonics- We will identify and isolate medial sounds,  read and write long o, u words review long vowel a,i,o, identify sound to symbol, short vowel review, discriminate between long and short vowel words.
Reading/Language Arts-Our stories this month will be expository text, realistic fiction, and an animal fantasy.  We will read and write long vowel words, learn about comparing and contrasting, identify nouns in sentences, vowel sounds of the letter y, high frequency words,  sequencing of a story, syllable pattern (cv), verbs, consonant patterns, ng, nk,  and compound words.  And we will continue to build on our writing skills focusing on letter formation and neatness.
Happy St. Patrick's Day
Mrs. Allen

February News

Valentine Friendship
Little red hearts 
are meant to say,
I am thinking of you 
on Valentine's Day!
I like being friends with you
to laugh and play.
thanks for your friendship 
on this Valentine's Day!
February is a short and FUN month.  Winter Vacation begins Monday, February 24th to Friday, February 28th    Our class Valentine's Day Party is on Tuesday, February 11th.
This month we will be learning:
Religion: We will learn about the Apostles, that the bishops lead and care for the church, the pope leads and cares for the whole church, how the church serves others, the parish is like a family, and Jesus's words and actions celebrated God's love. 
Math: We will be working on place value of digits, expanded form, identify numbers before, between, and after, compare numbers, order numbers, hundred charts, 10 less, 10 more, and even and odd numbers.
Phonics: Our focus will be on long vowels and their sounds, we will read and write long vowel words and high frequency words, review short vowels and their sounds.
Reading/Language Arts/Handwriting: We will read our first expository text this month, Who Works Here? Then we will read and identify long i  and o words, high frequency words, learn about the Authour's Purpose for writing a story, digraphs wh, ch, tch, special titles, sequence of a story, contractions, and proper nouns.  We will continue to work on our handwriting skills focusing on letter formation. 
Social Studies/ Science:  We will read and learn about St. Valentine, Abraham Lincoln, bears and animal teeth.  

January 2020 News

New Years Resolution
Just think, think, think,
of the things you can do,
to make yourself better, 
Before the years through.
Resolutions can be tough,
or simple as can be. 
Making resolutions,
Are great for you and me!
So what will you promise
To help yourself my dear friend?
Through 2020,
Have a Happy New Year!
We all enjoyed a nice long Christmas vacation. We are back in school ready to learn, grow and build on our First Grade skills!
This month we will focus on:
Religion-  We will continue to pray a decade of the rosary each week. In our religion books the focus will be on the story about Jesus' arrival into Jerusalem,  we will talk about and learn the meaning of  the words  Hosanna, and Temple , how the Holy Spirit helps Jesus' followers, Pentecost, and that the Holy Spirit is the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity.
Math- We have officially started Math Olympics!  We are continuing to focus on our basic addition and subtraction facts, word problems, and I will be introducing tally charts,real graphs, picture graphs, pictographs, and bar graphs.  Then we will begin learning about and identifying sets of 10, tens through one hundred, estimating quantity, place value of digits, and expanded form.  
Phonics- Our class will continue to review our short vowel sounds, High Frequency Words, and we will begin learning long vowel sounds, and writing long vowel word families.
Reading/English/.Handwriting- As a class we will review short vowel words, I will introduce initial consonant blends, interrogative sentences,High Frequency Words, final blends, exclamatory sentences, digraphs, and sequencing of a story.Each and every day we are working on  strengthening our writing skills as we practice writing our letters, words, and sentences to build on and increase  letter formation.
Science/Social Studies- This month we are learning about germs, and how to stay healthy, penguins, and life in the future.  Then we will focus on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and St. Anne

December 2019 News

Merry Christmas
Loving God, Help us to remember the birth of Jesus,
that we may share in the song of the angels,
the gladness of the shepherds,
and worship of the wise men.
This is an exciting, busy and fun month.  We will be very busy reinforcing skills we have learned and also building on our skills as well.
Some of the things we will be learning this month are:
Religion We will focus on Advent, a time of preparing for the birth of Jesus, and Christmas, when we celebrate the Jesus' birth.  We will continue to pray a decade of the Rosary each week.  Our class will also focus on the Holy Spirit and how the Holy Spirit Helps Jesus' followers.
Math We will continue to review Fact Families, basic addition and subtraction facts, and tally marks.  I will introduce graphs, and identifying sets of tens, counting by ten, writing numbers 10-100, estimating and place value of digits.
Phonics-The focus will be reviewing short vowel sounds, writing short vowel words in context, rhyming short vowel words, High Frequency Words, and finally I will introduce long vowel sounds.
Literacy Block- Inflected endings, High Frequency Words, the main Idea and details of a story, personal narratives, Declarative Sentences, initial blends, short vowels, Interrogative Sentences
Science/Social StudiesWe will read and learn about reindeer, The Night Sky, and the shapes of the moon, Christmas, Saint Nicholas, St. Juan Diego and the Advent Wreath.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from 1A!

1A November News

ABC Thanksgiving
Thank you God for all I see
Thank you God for my family
QRS and TUV-
Thank you God for loving me
WX and Y and Z-
On Thanksgiving I thank thee.
November is one of my FAVORITE months of the year.  It is a time for family and friends.  A time to really think about all the things we have that we should be so grateful for.  We also focus on the reason we celebrate this holiday and the traditions that are Thanksgiving.  
This month will be filled with lots of great activities, work and fun.
 We will learn about saints, and why they are important to our Catholic Faith.  I will introduce the Church Year, that Jesus wanted people to become his followers, that his followers believed he was the Son of God, Jesus taught his followers to pray, we will pray the prayer Jesus taught, the Lord's Prayer and review what the words of that prayer mean.  
I will introduce subtraction sentences, adding and subtracting with zero, number line subtraction, related subtraction and addition facts, checking our subtraction by adding, fact families, finding the missing addends, and we will continue to build on our word problem skills. 
This month we will continue to review all of our short vowel sounds, focusing on short "o and u", we will blend and read CVC words,  read and write short vowel words in context and identify and complete  CVC words.
We will be working on recognizing and identifying short i, and o words, comprehension skills, the subject of a sentence, fantasy stories, High Frequency Words, the plot of a story, consonant x, the character and setting of the story, and the predicate of a story.
Social Studies/ Science
Our focus this month will be on our Veterans, Thanksgiving, Native Americans, the Pilgrims, and saints.  
We will explore wild life, lions, elephants, African wild dogs and waterbucks.

October News

M is for Mother, Mother of God
A is for affectionate, loving and kind
R is for righteous, one of few
Y is for youthful, youthful at heart
It will be a busy month in 1A.  We will spend lots of time learning about the rosary.  We will pray a decade of the rosary each week as a class and learn about Mary the Mother of God.  
Religion-  We will learn about John the Baptist, that God chose Mary to be the Mother of his Son, the story of Jesus' birth, that Jesus lived in Nazareth with Mary and Joseph.
Math- This month our focus will be on word problems, reviewing the + plus, - minus, and = equal signs, adding sums, doubles, doubles  + plus 1, number-line, related addition facts, addition patterns,  and adding 3 addends.
Phonics- We will continue to review our short vowel sounds, listen to and sign the Vowel Bat song, review rhyming words, and write short vowel words in isolation and in context.
Language Arts- We will read and write High Frequency Words, work on our comprehension skills, 5 finger Retell Hand will be introduced, simple sentences, verbs and adjectives.  I will begin to introduce the Daily 5 and we will be working on our hand writing skills to build on our letter formation.  

September News

September is the month
When summer turns to fall.
Vacation time is over, 
It's back to school for all.
So even though I'm sad,
How fast the summer ends.
I'm really glad I have the chance 
To meet and make new friends.
We are off to a great start in 1A!  The Meet and Greet went very well.  I got to meet  all of my parents and students.  This is going to be an exciting, and fun school year.  We will focus on learning to be First Graders, and getting used to our class rules and routines.  
Some of what we will be learning this month is:
In Religion we will learn that God created the world and all people, that God promises to love us ALWAYS, Jesus is God's greatest gift , Three Persons in One God, and we will learn to make the sign of the cross. Finally, we will start praying a decade of the rosary each week!
Phonics- We will learn about initial, medial, and final consonants, high frequency words, and review short and long vowel sounds.
Math- Our class will learn about associating numbers and number words, math vocabulary, more, less greater, fewer, before, after, in-front and behind. I will also introduce adding numbers to find the sum. 
Reading/English/Handwriting- We will focus on our short and long vowel sounds, nouns, print awareness, characters, setting and plot in a story ,and high frequency words. The genre this month in reading is realistic fiction and fantasy stories.  We will discuss the difference between them and identify the differences.  My students will be writing simple sentences using spelling and high frequency words. We will practice our handwriting skills each day working to improve our letter formation skills.
Science/Social Studies-We will be learning about school Long Ago and Today, Johnny Appleseed, our school community and classroom rules and routine.  In science our focus will be on apples, and zebras.

June News

Great Expectations
It's time to say good-bye,
our year has come to an end.
I've made more cherished memories and many more new friends.
I've watched your  child learn and grow and change from day to day.
I hope that all the things we've done have helped in some small way.
So it's with happy memories
I send them out the door.
With great hope and expectations,
for what next year holds in store.
As we begin the last two weeks of school I think about how much my students have grown both academically and socially.  I am so proud of each and everyone of my "kids".  
With summer vacation in just a few weeks, I want to encourage my students to continue each day to read, and practice your math facts.  Most importantly don't forget to pray the rosary as much as you can.
Happy Summer to all of my 1A Families. Thank you for a Fantastic Year!
Love, Mrs. Allen

May News

Mother Mary, Mother Mine
Mother of the Son of God,
Mother of the Eternal World
Mother of the child divine
Mother Mary, Mother mine.
I can't believe this is our LAST FULL month of school.  Where has the time gone? 
This month will be busy focusing on the May Crowning, and our Spring Concert.  
Religion- We will learn about Mother Mary, and continue to pray a decade of the rosary.   The last few chapters in religion we will focus on God's love for us and that God is ALWAYS ready to forgive us, the Sacrament of Penance, the Last Supper the Eucharist,  and the Mass.  
Math-  We will continue to add and subtract double digits, estimate numbers to the nearest ten  and I will introduce fractions.
English/Reading/Handwriting- The focus will be on writing carefully checking for letter formation, neatness and accuracy.  We will learn about drawing conclusions, possessive nouns, adjectives, vowel digraphs, ai, ea, oa, ow,  High Frequency Word, the theme, facts and details of a story, three letter consonant blend words, and consonant patterns.    
Phonics- We will continue to review consonant digraphs, High Frequency Words, compound words, contractions, and  inflected endings.
Science/ Social Studies- This month we will read and learn about the sloth,The Problem with Plastics, and sunflowers.  We will also read and learn about Mother Mary.
Mrs. Allen

April News

Spring, spring is coming soon,
Grass is green, and flowers bloom,
Birds returning from the south,
Bees are buzzing all about,
Leaves are budding everywhere,
Spring, spring is finally here!
Here's a peek at some of what we will be learning about :
Religion- Our focus will be on Jesus as the Light of the World, what it means to receive the light of Christ.  We will read about and discuss what we can do to be peacemakers, that the choices we make can show our love for God, that God is ALWAYS ready to forgive us, and the importance of the Sacrament of Penance.  Then we will continue to focus on The Three Days and Easter. Students will begin leading our class in praying the rosary.  In order to do this they will need to know what prayer is said on each bead and the crucifix.  
Phonics- I will introduce -r blends in context, we will identify and recognize initial and final blends, and we will read and write High Frequency Words.  Then, we will read and discuss nonfiction text, review digraphs sh, ch, wh, th, ck, and continue to review r-controlled vowels ar, er, ir, ur.
Math- I will introduce two digit addition and subtraction without regrouping.  We will continue to strengthen  on our basic facts, by playing Math Olympics, and having Math Mania Mondays. 
Reading/English/Handwriting- This month we will continue to recognize and identify -r controlled vowels, ar, er, ir, ur. We will read and write, High Frequency Words, contractions,  review verbs, am, is, are, was, and were, comparative endings -er, -est, author's purpose, draw conclusions, consonant pattern -dge and vowel digraphs ai, ay.  We will continue to focus on fact and opinions of a story. The stories we will read this month will be a literary nonfiction, and a drama.  As always we will be working on our handwriting skills, building letter formation, neatness and just doing OUR very best work.
Science/Social Studies- We will explore light, wildlife, and earth in science.  And in Social Studies we will focus on saints, and  wants vs. needs.
Have an Amazing April !! 

March News 2019

Winds of March
Winds of March, we welcome you,
there is work for you to do.
Work and play and blow all day, 
blow the winter cold away.
A peek at what we will be doing this month in 1A.
Relgion- We will learn about Lent, The Three Days, Easter and  attend Stations of the Cross on Fridays.
Math I will introduce place value of digits, identifying sets of tens and ones, read and write numbers and number words for decade names ten to one hundred.  We will compare numbers, identify numbers one less, one more, between, before and after order number and review odd and even numbers.
English/Phonics/Reading/Handwriting-  We will  learn about consonant patterns ng,nk, high frequency words, compare and contrast, compound words, verbs, plural endings -es, fact and opinion, r controlled vowels, author's purpose, review long and short vowels. and write long vowel word families, and  long vowel words in context remembering to take our time so our handwriting and letter formation continues to improve.  
Science/Social Studies- We will explore wildlife by learning about Puffin Parents.  Then we will explore earth by reading about  giant cactus, and also learn how mirrors work.  In Social Studies we will learn about St. Patrick, and Dr. Seuss.
Have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day!

February News

Jesus is God's Valentine, Sent to you with Love
This month we will focus on:
Religion-  The  Apostles and how they led  and cared for the Church, the role of the bishops, how the pope leads and cares for the whole church. Then our focus will be on our parishes and how it  is like a family, we work together, we help others and we  join together to celebrate God's love.  Lastly, this  month we will begin to learn about the 7 Sacraments.
Phonics-long and short vowel sounds, digraphs, long vowel word families, identify and isolate medial sounds,  and final y as a vowel.
Math- We are continuing to add and subtract sums of 20 or less,  working on recognizing and identifying the value of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. Next, we will begin learning to tell time to the hour and half hour.  
Reading/English/Handwriting- As a class we are continuing to work on our fluency and accuracy in reading, we will identify, read, and write long vowel words, the Author's purpose for writing a story, inflected ending -ed, singular and plural nouns and comparing and contrasting of characters and stories. We will review common and proper nouns, verbs, and adjectives and continue to build on our handwriting skills to strengthen letter formation.
Science/ Social Studies-We will learn about St. Valentine, the presidents, I will read books about Ruby Bridges, George Washington Carver, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington. We will also learn about Chameleons.

Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year!
Welcome back to school.
I'm so glad that you are here!
We will start the New Year off,
with a little cheer.
I love school! I'll try so hard!
This New Year will be great!
We'll learn so  much and work so hard,
I can hardly wait!
Look at what we will be doing this month!
Religion- We will read about and learn that Jesus loves and cares for his followers, Jesus taught in the temple in Jerusalem, the Holy Spirit helps Jesus' followers, the Church began on Pentecost, the Holy Spirit is the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity, and what the first members of the church did together.  
Math-  We will be adding and subtracting numbers with sums and differences from 13 through 18, and continue to review fact families, adding three addends, finding the missing number in a sentence,  and word problems.
Phonics- We will be learning and identifying long vowels, a, e, i, o, u, medial sounds, long vowel rhyming words, reading and identifying  long vowel  words and high frequency words in context.
Reading/English/Handwriting - Our focus will be on High Frequency Words, sequencing of a story, common nouns, consonant digraphs, key features to a Friendly Letter, vowel sound in ball, identify the sequence of events in a story, cause and effect, writing and reading long a words in context,  and proper nouns. We will also continue to work on our handwriting skills, letter formation by writing letters, words, and sentences. 
Science/Social Studies- We will learn about penguins, the difference between push/pull, and sound.  We will read and learn about Dr. Martin Luther King.  

December News 2018

Merry Christmas
Loving God, Help us remember the birth of Jesus,
that we may share in the song of the angels, 
the gladness of the shepherds,
and worship of the wise men.
The Christmas Season is upon us , I am so excited for all the things we will do and learn this month. We will also be celebrating Christmas, on Tuesday, December 18th. 
In RELIGION we will focus on Advent, a time of preparing for Jesus' birth, and Christmas , when we celebrate the birth of Jesus.  We will go to church on December 8th for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.  We will also learn how the Holy Spirit helps Jesus' followers, and Pentecost, the day the Holy Spirit came to Jesus' followers.  
MATH -This month we will continue to work on our Fact Families, basic math facts, and related subtraction and addition facts. We will also work on word problems, graphs, identifying sets of tens, count by ten, number words, place value of digits and finally we will begin Math Olympics this month. 
PHONICS- We will focus on short  E, short vowel sounds, high frequency words, long A sound, and long A word families.
READING/ ENGLISH- This month we will focus on short vowel U, high frequency words, cause and effect, final blends, exclamatory sentences, digraphs, sequencing of a story, and common nouns. 
SOCIAL STUDIES /SCIENCE-  We will learn about Saint Nicholas, Christmas, St. Juan Diego and the Advent Wreath. We will also learn about birds, clouds, and changes in Fall.
HANDWRITING- We will continue to work on our letter formation by writing our letters and words.  
I'd like to wish all my First Grade Parents a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS  and a HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR!
Mrs. Allen